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No 1824

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The Haughfoot Lodge Box - now over 279 years old

Lodge St John Stow No 216




There can be no doubt that the Stow Lodge is a direct descendant of the Old Lodge of Haughfoot, whose records date from 1702. Unfortunately the connecting links in the shape of minute books and other documents are wanting, although the evidence of the Haughfoot minutes indisputably associates Stow with the Haughfoot Lodge and the practice of Freemasonry from the beginning of the eighteenth century. The existing minute book does not go further back than 1829, although its charter bears the date of 8th December 1806. There is also a register of members and their quarterly payments from the 17th February, 1807, from which we see that at this time there were twenty-nine members on the roll, which number at the end of the following year had risen to thirty-six, and in 1810 to forty- three, whilst at the end of the volume the number given for the years 1857-58 totals to 114. Prefixed to the register of members and their payments is the following set of rules:-


I. That none shall be admitted into this Society but such as are of an honest,decent and respectable character and when any one of this description shall apply a report shall be made of him to the Lodge and if no objections are made, a day appointed for his admittance.

II. Every member at his entry shall pay for the benefit of the Box Seven Shillings and sixpence Stg. If not an operative Mason, but if an operative Six Shillings only.

III. Every member of the Lodge shall annually pay the sum of _______ to be laid up in the Box.

IV. The stated meetings of this society shall be as follows viz.

The first on the Monday before Stow Fair at five O’clock afternoon.

The Second on the first Friday of December at six O’clock in the afternoon.

The third or General Meeting on St.John’s Day being the 27th of December when the annual payments are to be made effectual to the Box.

V. All the Brethren shall attend on St.John’s day at 11o’clock forenoon dine together at Stow about ________

After dinner the Lodge is to be opened and the evening to be spent in Masonic concerns convivial songs & etc, etc,

whoever shall absent themselves from this General meeting if in bodily health & within the distance of ten miles shall pay a fine, an office bearer one shilling an ordinary member sixpence to be lodged in the Box for the augmentation of the Funds.

If any entered Brother wish to Join this Association, and continue in it, he shall at his admission pay Half a Crown into the Box, and his other Proportions afterward along with the rest of the Brethren.

While the Public Business of the Society is going on, decency and good order shall be attended to.

Only one to speak at a time and to direct his Discourse to the Grand Master.

No private conversation to be allowed among Members during a Debate. Neither shall any be Permitted to turn on his opponent as if directing his speech to him, nor interrupt another while speaking under penalty of Two pence to be lodged in the Box. If any Member shall be convicted of swearing or using unbecoming language at any of the Meeting or making himself disagreeable to the Society by excess in drinking shall incur a penalty of sixpence to be paid immediately into the Box.

All the affairs of this Society and every difference that may arise shall be decided by a majority of votes the Grand Master to have two and every other member one.

This Society shall never be dissolved as long as there are three members willing to continue in it & stand by the regulations thereof.

And whoever shall promote the dissolution of it, or obstinately break any of its laws, shall (unless by repentance & promise of better behavior he finds pardon) be excluded.

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