Haughfoot Lodge Founder Members Jewel   The Haughfoot Lodge No 1824

Haughfoot Lodge Founder Members Jewel

No 1824

The Haughfoot Lodge Sponsor Lodges

During It's 61 Years of existence the old Haughfoot Lodge met at Haughfoot just South of Stow but on numerous occasions it met at Selkirk or Galashiels. The three Sponsor Lodges have the strongest direct links with the original Lodge. It was therefore appropriate that they be the Sponsor Lodges of the new Haughfoot Lodge

St. John Selkirk No 32

(chartered 27th December 1736)

2nd Monday of the month-October to March except December - 2nd Saturday at 4pm

29 Back Row, Selkirk, TD7 4LP


St. John Stow No 216

(chartered 8th December 1806

Last Monday September (Business Only), October, January - April & 2nd Saturday November (Installation)  at 5.00pm

Town Hall, Earlston Road,

Stow TD1 2QT


The Galashiels Lodge No 262

(chartered 3rd November 1816

2nd Monday September to April

8 Gala Park, Galashiels, TD1 1EU



There is reference in the Haughfoot Lodge Minute Book to the Stow Masons separating from The Galashiels Masons and reason to think that the remaining Haughfoot members in 1763 became absorbed into the Selkirk Lodge.

We can but speculate about the possibility that the Masons who remained in Stow and Galashiels after the demise of the original Haughfoot Lodge may have continued to practise freemasonry in their separate localities. Evidence does show that prior to the formation of the two Lodges Brethren from the two places made contact with other Scottish Lodges.

A number of Scottish Lodges can prove existence prior to their "Charter Date". Selkirk No 32 was represented by the Master and Wardens at the Inauguration meeting of that body held on the 30th November 1736. This clearly indicates that a Lodge in Selkirk was well established before 1736


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