Haughfoot Lodge Founder Members Jewel   The Haughfoot Lodge No 1824

Haughfoot Lodge Founder Members Jewel

No 1824

Haughfoot Lodge Box

The Haughfoot Box

In common with many such organisations (see Dalkeith No 10 which gives an interesting account and insight into that Lodge's Box) The Haughfoot Lodge has a box - still in existence. The hand written note attached to the box says:-

"This Oak Chest belonged to the Old Lodge of Freemasons which met at Haughfoot on the estate of Torsonce Stow as early as the year 1702 From the Old Records it appears this chest was ordered to replace one used as the Lodge Box since 1704 and was made in 1727 by Brother William Murray. It cost for wood and work 1-10/- Scots equal to 8/6 Sterling in all. The chest is therefore 161 years old"

Clearly, as the note was penned in 1888 it makes the box now over 292 years old and the note over 130 years old!



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