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Haughfoot Lodge Founder Members Jewel

No 1824


Welcome to the Haughfoot Lodge Website


The original Haughfoot Lodge is a unique piece of Scottish Masonic History. Founded in the year 1702 it was the World's first Lodge of purely speculative Masons and although The Grand Lodge of Scotland was founded in 1736 the Haughfoot Lodge remained independent during it's whole existence from 1702 - 1763

This Lodge was founded in August 2002 for Masonic educational purposes and to be a continuation of the Historical fact of the original Lodge's existence

There are a number of Research Lodges within Freemasonry these provide an added level of interest to Masonic Students - most deal with Masonic history by presenting papers etc. The Haughfoot Lodge No 1824 was set up as a new Masonic Lodge to examine, study and to exemplify the actual degree workings carried out in the original Haughfoot Lodge (and other Lodges of Freemasons working before 1700). These were the rituals being used before the formation of a Grand Lodge - (England 1717 - Ireland - 1725 - Scotland 1736 )


The Lodge has visited a number of other Lodges to demonstrate the type of working performed by our forebears





Covid-19 Pandemic - All Meetings are currently cancelled




Annual Meeting


Saturday 27th February 2021


MAY 2021

Annual Provincial Visitation



Saturday 31st MAY 2021

Members 2.00pm visitors 3.00PM

JULY 2021



Saturday 24th JULY 2021



Annual Installation


Saturday 25th SEPTEMBER 2021



Our objectives are:

  • To perform demonstrations of Masonic ceremonies similar to those that would have been worked in pre 17th and early 18th centuries

  • To preserve the Masonic history of the Province of Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires.

  • To enlighten and inform members of the public about the masonic fraternity and it's traditions

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